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I am a sucker for quirky but sweet collectibles (and wearables). I have quite the mug collection & don't get me started on printed t-shirts. 

Since the beginning of (time) my Meals in heels collection, I've also been surfing high and low for unique tableware. My current mood called for a nautical piece (or five) and I chose not to spend big money on something that'll sit in the cabinet and only come out to play on special occasions. Instead, I bought a cheap wooden tray & spray paint and got stuck in. 
But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...

... Not until you see it in it's au naturel glory. A true #nomakeup selfie beauty, right?
I can't decide if it makes me think of hospital food or a toddler changing table, but neither of those do it for me. I actually hated it so much - I forgot to take a photo of it, hence the catalogue image. 
Following a little prep scrub to get rid of any grease and fingerprints, I sprayed it with a universal primer, sit it to set, then gave it a couple of nice Pebble White coats. Since I was going nautical, the image in my mind showed slightly washed colours, nothing too bright, too new or sparkly; that's why I didn't go for a bright white shade or perfect lines & shapes.

A roll of masking tape came into play next. I marked my stripes (without prior measuring, which is bad, mmm'kay?) and as you can see the middle stripe is A LOT thinner than the rest. Initially I considered redoing the whole thing, but my lazy self assured me the result will still look good, and so I went ahead with it anyway.

A couple of coats of Night Blue and a rest later, the tape was ready to come off. That's one of many reasons why I chose spray paint: it dries FAST, coats well & is easier to apply.

Funny story, I wanted to keep this DIY project as cheap as possible, which involved me using old makeup brushes to tidy around the edges. What can I say, I am a lot more skilled with these than I am with actual paintbrushes! 

Masking tape off, the stripes looked pretty good. It involved a few brush pokes here and there to straighten out any leaks and marks. They happened because I am a spray paint novice and I will assume you are too, otherwise why would you be reading this?!

The tray at this stage looked ...mediocre. It was screaming for a bit of an oomph, something to make it stand out and look presentable. 
Think red lipstick on a natural makeup face palette.

Golden edges! But of course, painted all around the edge & handles.
At this point I also realised that my lazy self was wrong and that the middle thin stripe looked out of place. Damn me! 

I decided to spray it over to match the outer navy stripes, making the middle stripe thick instead.
I then used a circular shape to spray it in with pebble white, circle it with the same gold edging and draw an anchor by hand. I could have used a pre-made shape but since I was going for a natural, unique look, I wanted it to remain looking "home made".

I do recommend drawing it with a pencil first to make sure you are happy with the shape!

What have you crafted recently?

~ Some of you wanted to know, here you go: 
Book - Dressing Marilyn by Andrew Hansford , Karen Homer
Heart sugar cubes - Canàsuc

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