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Are you a pet person? If you are, go ahead & keep reading. If you're not, please do us both a favour and close this tab before you start judging someone :-D.

Here at Eclectic Diary we're crazy cat people, which involves talking in kitty voice, choosing not to go on holiday so that they don't end up in cattery, keeping a kitty photo album & throwing birthday parties.

Today the girls leveled up! Even when all grown up & wise, nobody says no to {tuna} cake & confetti.

...Nothing beats a good roll around in glittering stuff.

For the "cake", I used a stainless steel heart shaped cookie cutter, well dampened. I shaped & flattened the contents of their favourite cat food tuna tin inside, decorated with their absolute favourite dried prawn treats by Thrive & transferred it to the fridge to set shape. 
30 mins later I removed the cookie cutter & served the result! Not disappointed.

They received gifts, too. A new catnip pillow (to match our decor, of course), a new mouse toy & malt cream.  

After cake, chasing confetti & catnip they had a royal birthday nap.
It was a good day.


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