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During one of our weekend strolls we spotted K The Two Brothers, an Indian (Punjabi to be more precise) restaurant we haven't seen before. Apparently it's only been open for 3 months but it took the owners over a year to get it set up. You'll see why.

As soon as you step inside, you can forget you're in Prague because you're immediately transported to a stunning recreation of a royal salon.

K The Two Brothers are in fact two brothers from Kapurthala (hence the 'K'), a city in Punjab state of India. We were welcomed with the utmost hospitality, shown around upon request and invited to dine like the Maharajas. You see, their menu is inspired by a charming cook book bursting with recipes from the royal families of India.

We were told that every single piece of decor within the restaurant was imported from India. It's only the picturesque view of Prague outside the window that reminded me where I really was.

It is very important at this stage to note that if you're going to visit, do ask for preferred level of spiciness. The K Brothers had to tone down the spices to please the Czech palate and so everything on the menu comes mild unless requested otherwise. We erred on the side of caution and didn't ask for spicy because it's usually not for the faint-hearted (we should have as you'll see below).

While getting familiarised with the menu, we snacked on poppadoms. 

And mango lassi, of course. Absolutely delicious & heavenly creamy.

We got to taste a bite of K’s Signature Chaat, a deep fried spinach leaf topped with a trio of tangy sauces and spices. Crunchy, sweet tamarind heaven.

Onion Bhaji served on poori, 90czk
It was very crispy and light, but a touch bland and in need of a kick of spice.

 Vegetable Samosas with chickpea chaat, 90czk
Light, crispy dough with a smooth vegetable filling. Very enjoyable with the unique chaat.

Anda Roll Maal, a fried Indian bread roll coated in egg & herbs, 120czk
I really liked it. Fresh herbs wrapped in an egg & a delicious (and naughtily greasy) fresh bread. However next time, I'm asking for spicier! 

For main, the Mr had a Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani
Chunks of lamb flavoured with saffron, mint, nuts & rose water served with Raita & fried egg on top, 270kc

The lamb chunks were very rich, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. He requested the biryani to be medium spiced but it was not quite there. At this point we just about figured out how they measure the spiciness. Mild=really mild, medium=mild, spicy=medium!

Raita came in the most adorable cup.

We also shared a Keema Naan, 60czk
with minced lamb & herbs. It was nice but we've had fluffier naans with significantly more mince inside. 

My main choice was Zafrani Chicken Korma, 220czk with plain rice on the side.
Chicken cooked with cashew nuts & poppy seeds in a rich sauce.

We all know curry isn't exactly an oil painting and doesn't photograph very well either! The sauce has split a little unfortunately but overall it was a satisfying meal, if not quite spicy enough (again, our own doing).

By now our 2nd stomachs were requesting audience and so we couldn't say no and ordered desserts.

The Mr had Chai Ki Kulfi, 120czk which is pretty much Indian masala tea flavoured frozen condensed milk "ice cream". In other words: heaven and all things nice on a spoon.
It came with home made vermicelli flavoured with rosewater.

I had Gulab Jamun which came with a Western twist of vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce on the side, 100czk
They are mini deep fried cheese doughnuts soaked in sugar syrup. Star of the show. Winner of the day. If it wasn't for all the rice & bread, I could have easily had seconds.

Look at this portrait. If you look close enough, you'll notice that the gems, pearls and embroidery have been attached to the portrait by hand. It's amazing!

Now that we've tried a few things we can return and try some of the others, but this time we won't forget to request a spice overload!

Thank you for visiting!

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