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We have a special relationship with Zebra Noodle Bar. We never go but always have their food delivered at home. And by always I mean every. single. weekend. Diet pls.

I'm not entirely sure why we haven't actually been to their restaurant (until today) because the food is to die for. A visiting relative is enough of a reason to get some extra walking done & this is why we finally got to meet Zebra in person.

The interior is beautiful, tidy, artistic. I love the lanterns and the bonsai. Unfortunately it was too hot to sit inside and we had to settle in the midst of the tourist highway outside. Other than that, it was pretty much perfect.

I am an ice tea addict. Simple.

We decided not to be adventurous and go with the exact same order we do from home (why change it if it's perfect, eh?), which ALWAYS involves a couple of portions of panco tiger shrimps served with chipotle & yuzu mayo, 189kc they are the most amazing battered shrimps ever (as is the dip). True story!

Our second favourite, crispy zebra wings in spicy orange glaze, 139kc
Home delivery can be a hit & miss with these as they are rather time sensitive. The longer it takes, the less crispy and juicy they get. They were perfect straight from the kitchen.

I never usually trust Asian food places who offer a mix of Chinese, Sushi, Thai etc because I believe in focused skill and unless your kitchen it equipped with several skilled specialists, the result is a bland wannabe of all of the above. Once upon a time, long long time ago we decided to order a couple of sushi rolls from Zebra purely for comparison purposes.

So, so glad we did. I instantly found a new favourite: tempura onigiri (salmon, cream cheese, avocado & spring onion, lightly fried in tempura) 330kc for 8pcs. Had it numerous times and it has always been very fresh and very delicious (even when home delivered late at night). 

Philadelphia kani (philadelphia cheese, crab meat, lettuce, fried in tempura) 290kc for 8pcs, not as fantastic as the above but still very nice.

The Zebra special is always on our list. Udon noodles with Mushu duck, three kinds of fresh mushrooms and Teriyaki sauce, 279kc
It's nice hot and cold (leftovers ftw!)

My final and absolute addiction is displayed below. If you follow me on social networks you probably noticed my ramblings and moans about their Cheese rolls, 149kc
Pastry rolls stuffed with cream cheese flavored with lime, served with mango coolie, maracuya jelly, fresh mango and pomegranate seeds. I don't know who invented this and how but I want to kiss them. Instant addiction.

We had a great first visit. It felt like meeting a long distance relationship partner: you know them well but they don't look familiar. We're sure to change that with more frequent visits in the future.

Thanks for reading! Now go eat a cheese roll! ;-)

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