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Everyone loves the feeling when they first get their hands on the newest, flashiest device and start peeling all sorts of protective covers right off. It's spotless. It's perfect.

..And then come the fingerprints, dust and everything else.

Any of you have a touch screen device with a face that looks like my Sony's (below)? Of course you do!
Whether you're a protective case, protective peel or go-bare kinda person, don't you wish there was a way to keep the device spotless and beautiful without all the hassle and microfiber wipes? (my partner's favourite thing to do is to use hot towels they give us at restaurants to wipe his phone screen clean...sigh!)

I use protective films and I have never managed to rid of the side air bubbles. I also proudly carry cat hair, dust particles and all sorts of glorious things I'd rather not see each time I peek at my phone.

Long story short, along came PURACOAT. A long time ago, in an Indiegogo galaxy far far away (Tokyo/Kuala Lumpur, in this case), a group of folk introduced a "leap in nanotechnology" called Puracoat, a spray, that's said to protect your phone from dust, fingerprints, scratches and alike for up to 6 month with only a few pumps. 

They went on Indiegogo, a popular crowd-funding site, and asked for 500 USD towards the production of their product. It's rather obvious I am not the only one in the world who wants a spotless touch screen, because in one month of their campaign they raised 62,439 USD which is 12488% more than they originally asked for.

According to their advertising online, Puracoat delivers the following:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Dust and stain resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to apply
  • Fully transparent

The same information is also visible on the packaging. Unfortunately the actual enclosed instructions only mention water and scratch resistance. 

They claim to have invented a tough, gem-like, invisible to the naked eye protection for our darling touch screens. But does it work? Lets find out.

Firstly I'll mention the envelope it came in all the way from Kuala Lumpur. It had a thin sheet of bubble wrap for protection and came in a thin plastic envelope (hence the beaten up box you see in the photo). The product arrived undamaged, thankfully. The contents are kept to a minimum: a small spray bottle, a microfiber cloth and a thin sheet with instructions. 

I'd also like to point out that their Indiegogo advert is rather misleading showing a full bottle of the product when in fact I received about half the amount. If that's 5ml, then please advertise it half-full too.

After careful investigation, I decided to test the product on the back of my phone. Again, there are plenty of mixed instructions. The paper tells me to spray two pumps into the cloth and wipe it over the device in one direction. Their video, however, shows the spray being applied directly onto the device, then wiped.

I decided to follow the instructions that came with the spray. This is the result: vertical streaks and a rather matte looking surface (certainly visible to the naked eye, but no matter). They ask to give the spray 10 minutes to dry, and so I did.

Ten minutes later I was poking it to see the magic happen before my eyes: the fingerprint test!

Unfortunately, there were fingerprints. Just as there was dust, cheekily landing all over the surface.

I'm not crazy, right? This is definitely visible to the naked eye, and, oh look, a fingerprint!

My dreams shattered, I decided to give it one last test: a scratch of the fingernail, which is softer than a sharp object. Unfortunately, here it was, my scratch, right there in front of me.
I wiped the screen with their cloth, which finally got rid of most of the streaks, but not the scratch.

The whole experience was a huge disappointment, leading me back to the day I saw it on Indiegogo, when I thought the day of the spotless touch screen was upon us. It was not.

Let's just carry on as we were.


  1. damn it, mine hasn't even arrived yet, and now I am super disappointed... I even got the twin pack... sigh...

  2. I ordered the family pack, that sucks!

  3. Actually, here's how it should be done:
    1) Wipe all the dust and fingerprints prior to the first use.
    2) Apply two spray jets to the cloth.
    3) Wipe the cloth in a single direction throughout your phone. Leave the streaking there overnight.
    4) Let it rest for 24h away from water or any kind of "fat".
    5) Repeat the process: Clean last application's streaking, apply two spray jets to the cloth, apply to your phone, let it rest. Next day, clean the streaking with the cloth.

    After that, your phone is protected. If you happen to get it scratched, rubbing the microfiber cloth will remove most of those scratches, but be aware that this product is not a "magic stuff" that protects your phone from, say, a bullet. Heavier scratches will happen, and fingerprints are made of oily secretions, so they will still stick to your phone - the thing is that it is much easier to clean them after the application of puracoat (or any other liquid armor) than it would be if you didn't apply it! :)

    1. Hello Fimir, thanks for your visit and comment!

      By the time I was done reading your feedback I felt even worse about the product than I did initially.

      Even if it's a complete game changer, unfortunately spending two days fiddling & applying the product, then trying not to "touch" your touchscreen for 24 hours isn't exactly what they advertised. It sounds like false advertising (at an extreme level), and if what you say works, and if it was in the books when I was considering backing their product, I would not have spent money on it.

      Today, my spray is finished and my phone remains unchanged.


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