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I may have mentioned Macao & Wok once or twice in my Twitter feed. I may have also mentioned our London dim sum craze and religious Sunday visits to China town.

The craze finished once we moved to Prague as it was absolutely impossible to find good quality dim sum anywhere.

One evening, we decided to try something that might be the silliest - or perhaps the luckiest motion: we ordered dim sum takeaway from Macao&Wok. It was our top choice from the restaurants listed under JidloTed, a food delivery service.

The dim sum arrived quickly, it was fresh (as fresh as delivery food gets anyway) and the flavours were good. This is when we decided Macao and Wok deserve our visit for further tasting and testing.

Macao & Wok is literally next door to Palladium. Their menu claims they opened in 1993 and serve both 'classic' and 'original' Chinese delicacies. Inside, it's relatively small, but cozy, with little floral decorations making it a lovely spot for lunch or dinner. We arrived around 1pm and it was rather full, which is always a good sign in my book.

Do you know any good drinks that really go with Chinese food? I'm not talking fizzies and juices here. I flicked through their drinks menu and immediately ordered a serving of GuiHua ("Floral wine" made from fragrant osmanthus). It's sweet, it's strong, and it's pretty much perfect. It came in a heavy, antique looking tumbler, how fitting. 

The first issue surfaced once we got hold of the menu. It's so big we got lost in it. It's 57 pages long. Avoiding over-ordering we literally picked at little starters and dim sum.

Spring rolls filled with shrimp, classic menu, 89kc
They were pleasant, a decent amount of shrimp and the crispy texture was just right. I had, however, better ones here in Prague.

Fried crab legs, original menu, 89kc
I really liked them, but the Mr was rather indifferent. They remained juicy and soft inside and crispy on the outside. 

Fried pork dumplings, original menu, 139kc
Well cooked, good flavour and texture, wrong dipping sauce and not grilled long enough. Could be easily improved!

Steamed minced pork dumplings, original menu, 89kc
They were missing the gravy explosion an original xiaolongbao would have, but were still enjoyable nonetheless.

Dumplings with shrimps, original menu, 109kc
My favourite from all of the above, no complaints, except perhaps I'd prefer them to use paper as opposed to lettuce when steaming, but that's just me being picky! ;-)

I have to say, all dumplings came steaming hot and fresh and were really enjoyable. We did not see a single guest but us eating dim sum, though, which I found really puzzling!

Fried spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce, classic menu, 229kc
We will not be ordering these again. The meat was really tough, the sauce was okay. Nothing special.

We certainly want to return to try more of what they have to offer but the menu is so vast, it's too easy to get lost and confused. If anyone has special favourites or suggestions, we'd gladly accept them! 

Thanks for visiting ;-)

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