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There's no need for me to write a long introduction to the #1 Asian cooking destination in Prague. Everyone and their grandmas know about SaSaZu and the mastermind, Chef Shahaf Shabtay, behind the name. The venue, the service and the menu are both immaculate and outstanding on each and every visit.

Without further ado, here are our absolute favourites.

Coconut corn soup. Chicken, green chilli, yakitori, basil, shiitake.
We always order this pot of wonders, the flavours are unspeakably good. It's also nicely spiced making it an excellent choice this chilly season.

Singapore crab chili. Soft shell crab, almond, chili coconut sauce. Again, perfect flavour combination.

SaSa crispy rolls. Tuna salmon roll in nori, wasabi, black sesame sauce.
The rolls are a combination of hot and cold salmon and tuna, and the result is outstanding. The accompanying gloopy sesame sauce with wasabi is something I spoon up until there's none left.

Papasan scallops. Fried scallops, kemiri nuts, baby shrimps, galangal root, laksa sauce.
The slightly crisp fried scallops with the smooth laksa sauce makes this dish our regular order.

Hanoi shrimps. Shrimps, pumpkin, green onion, dashi-cream sauce.
Again, the batter is perfect, the shrimps are huge and the sauce is out of this world.

Beef randang. Indonesian beef, coconut heart, pineapple, tandoori mint bread, Lao Ma Gan chilli sauce.
Another excellent combination of a creamy, spicy sauce, minty bread and beef in the tidiest rolls. Can't say I could taste pineapple though.

Chinese Shawarma. Short ribs, ganzu ginger, fuzhou chilli, gome sesame, foie gras, radish, street pita.
Yet another excellent choice, if a bit heavy on the arteries. The pita is extra soft, a total favourite.

Stone oven crispy duck. Peking duck topped, foie gras, green onion, cucumber, mandarin pancake.
I wish the pancakes were more soft than flakey, but other than that, an excellent build your own crispy duck platter.

Semi Fredo strawberry.

SaSaZu bars.

What's your favourite choice at SaSaZu?
Thanks for reading! :-) 

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