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I looove winter! I love snow, I love the festive mood that defeats the blues and, of course, I love hunting for the perfect gift. My mother's birthday is also in December, which makes me work overtime but I love it all the same.
I have never done one of these "Gift ideas" posts before, but there's always that first time, eh? 

Who knows, maybe it'll help someone in need! 

For the interior decor enthusiast, why not grab something festive, sparkly but still quite subtle? A Mica Deer by Sherri's Designs is up for the task.

Or perhaps something slightly fancier, but just as gracious: a timeless Kartell Bourgie table lamp?

If you're a bit like me this season and it's all about all gold everything (Maybe it's the upcoming Chinese New Year?), perhaps you'd like these porcelain pieces?

Anatomicals: for the squeaky clean wannabes. I discovered the brand via LadyBox CZ (Yeah, I know...). I was very, very impressed. Their products smell divine, their shower gels are gloopy and pleasant to use.

Every bottle comes adorned with a quirky title and commentary, making me smile every time!

Also, hold THE PHONE! Have you seen the Stella McCartney for Canon duo!? It's quite the pricey investment but it might make someone's year (it would mine, for sure!) A Canon 100D and a limited edition Linda camera bag.

For the busy man in your life, why not grab a pair of fancy button cufflinks by Aspinal of London? They're... buttons, but sterling silver! Free engraving, too. 

 Yet another gift idea for the bearded male is a tried and tested brand, Taylor Of Old Bond Street. The Mr has been using their products for many years and he'd never look elsewhere.

Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like the annual limited edition "frosted treats" at Jo Malone. Why not spoil the perfume enthusiast with a selection of their finest colognes, but in tiny bottles? 

While we're on the subject of beauty, how many times have you been given a supermarket standard beauty essentials kit? How many times have you felt like throwing it into the nearest wall? Plenty. Don't be that person. Do not reach for the convenient set of shower gels or what not, at your local supermarket. Just don't. If you insist on going down that route, let me at least suggest some good grabs.

Morroccanoil is a well known hair reviving product and let's face it, we desperately need it in the winter. At least those of us with long manes do (ahem).

Also, dude! A Molton Brown Frankincense and Allspice Festive Bauble. How festive is this seasonal shower gel? Eeek!

Finally, for the chocolate lover in your life, go to Hotel Chocolat. Seriously, do not look elsewhere. Go, now! The festive selection they have is a-mazing. Massive wreaths (450g!), giant truffle & praline selections and more. You'll be buying some for yourself, mark my words.

This concludes my list of ideas for this year. I hope you enjoyed it!
Happy holidays!

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