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I live with a chocoholic, someone who likes his milk chocolate with chocolate milk.
There are a lot of personal favourites of his out there, ranging from a simple Cadburys bar to a Dumon selection, but since returning from the US there's one thing he keeps dreaming about and that's Whoppers Malted Milk balls. Obviously something that's really difficult to source living in Central Europe... I managed several boxes, inclusing original milk and cherry chocolate. 

The boxes came scrambled and beaten! Thank you dear couriers, that will make the perfect Christmas packet. Gah! I got googlin' the fashionable way, and came across several American products called Rudolph Noses. They were bags of red, or red & green malted balls and it inspired me (honestly though, green noses?) to put this together!

I had a stack of stickers printed for the occassion by expressprint.cz (My go-to company for all things printed!)
 (I'll include the alpha png file at the bottom of this post should you want to use it!)

The item list is short and sweet: festive cellophane bags, stickers, ribbon, brown malt balls and red malt balls (and a breath of festive cheer or at least Christmas radio playing in the background!).

I styled my ribbons the simple bow-like way as I didn't want them wrapped around the whole bag. If you're a Christmas child at heart like me and skillfully curled ribbons from the age of 4 then this will be a breeze (which means you'll know to run the scissors over the shiny surface to straighten the ribbon!)

I think this makes a great and fun gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. It's adorable and clever enough to be gifted to both adults and kids! Yes, I know Santa only has 8 reindeer but let's face it, 8 malt balls per bag would make everyone sad. Instead I emptied out the whole Whoppers box into the bag and topped it up with a single red nose. I was left with quite the bunch of red ones when I was done... A perfect excuse to have a Rudolph exclusive selection, too.

Image below. (I had 5cm diameter stickers printed and the quality came out alright.)

Let me know if you'll be making these! Happy holidays! 

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