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...I know, I know, I am exactly two weeks late. Forgive the lazy and enjoy the result nevertheless is what I say! We're here to celebrate World Emoji Day, which, it seems, popped up accidentally when iOS introduced a calendar emoji, sporting the date of 17 July.
In a world of mobile chats, snaps and social media, most of us would be doomed without the little smileys to help us express ourselves. Hi, I am Amber and I am an emoji addict (ahem)

I'm here with an exciting proposition: craft your own edible emojis! Now this isn't really a recipe post and I will not be teaching you how to master the arts of macarons, apologies in advance. This post is all about the emoji and how.. wait for it... how to draw your own on macarons! 

I stocked up on fresh lemon macarons from Nos Macarons Boutique, you might remember me blogging about them a while back here. Lemon is my favourite flavour, and the happy yellow makes for perfect blank canvases!

I used the Americolor 10 set of coloured food pens and cookie icing (white) for the white bits. 

TIP: turns out many colours don't come out all that well over bright yellow, I suggest sticking with black and red if you're going to use Americolor.

TIP no2: practice, practice, practice! With limited macarons you don't want to mess up and run out (sorry, being Captain obvious).

TIP no3: Refridgerate the macarons a while beforehand, July is hot (well, usually is), and you'll end up with coloured & sticky fingers.

Are you going to give it a go? Or even better, have you done it before? It makes for a fun activity for the young and the wicked!


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