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Guess what we sniffed out in our back yard?
Some of the best Japanese treats one can come across in Prague (except for mochi. Where's my mochi!!。゜(`Д´)゜。

That's right, Yaku BBQ is now called Engawa Sushi bar (re-branded? Their Facebook page remained the same) and serves my (now) favourite gyoza, among other things.

Inside it's relatively quiet, with pleasant ambient music and plenty of light. It was very empty when we went though, more people need-to-go!

Having just watched the Supernatural "Shōjō" episode, the Mr couldn't resist ordering some sake. 

The waiter recommended Panto Sake (250czk). Salmon sashimi, caviar, onion and mayo on a "Pringles"-style crisp.

The Mr went crazy for these, and said he could order five more and go home happy. 
Me? I'd rather have five of their gyoza servings (4pcs - 125czk). Have you tried them??? Best outside of Japan! Take that, London.

Unfortunately I cannot remember what these rolls were called, another recommendation. Ebi tempura tightly hugged in a selection of crisp veggies and a really tasty dipping sauce.

Ebi fuji. This was probably a misunderstanding on all parts - I wanted Ebi Tempura Roll, the Mr ordered Ebi Fuji, and this is what left their kitchen. Now.. their menu says that Ebi Fuji, fried prawns, come with a spicy mayo sauce. I'm sorry but this ain't mayo!
The batter is really light and wonderful, but for me, the sauce is wrong. Why change what is perfect already? I'm going to try and get my tempura roll next time I go instead!

Three types of rolls, 4pcs each. More restaurants should offer 4pc/8pc combos!

Dragon Special (240czk) with ebi tempura, salmon AND unagi-love love,  Hotategai aburi (250czk) - with salmon tuna and scallops, and Sake&unagi (170czk).

I adore the salmon and eel combination, will order again.

As usual, (a really large portion) matcha ice cream to complete the successful feast.

I'll tweak my selection next time, but definitely worth investigating the menu further!
What are your favourites?

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